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AR Co-Teaching Project's Professional Development Opportunity for 2016-17

The Arkansas (AR) Co-Teaching Project is excited to continue its partnership with the Center for Technology in Education (CTE) at Johns Hopkins University to offer Arkansas schools two Boundless Learning Co-Teaching professional development packages. These are blended, comprehensive, year-long packages.

The Boundless Learning Co-Teaching package for co-teachers and administrators is designed to build productive 21st century co-teaching partnerships that are clear about their mission, goals, and roles.  Co-teachers will learn to effectively co-plan, co-instruct, and co-assess so that all students, including their students with disabilities, reach academic and behavioral targets. 

The School-Based Facilitator’s Boundless Learning Co-Teaching package for literacy/math instructional facilitators is designed to create a cadre of instructional facilitators capable of supporting co-teachers in transferring the information gained during their professional development activities into their co-taught classrooms.

Schools may purchase the basic package which includes only the Boundless Learning Co-Teaching or the combined package which includes both the Boundless Learning Co-Teaching, as well as the School-Based Facilitator’s Boundless Learning Co-Teaching.  Both Boundless Learning Co-Teaching professional development packages are appropriate for schools interested in starting a co-teaching program or increasing the effectiveness of an existing co-teaching program.

The Boundless Learning Co-Teaching Basic Package* includes:

  • One face-to-face introductory professional development session 
  • Six facilitated, interactive online modules
  • Electronic learning communities
  • Two on-site co-teaching coaching visits
  • Six virtual administrator support meetings
  • Pre/post evaluation of implementation


* The Combined Package includes all of the above, with additional resources designed to help literacy and math instructional facilitators


Deadline for applying is August 31, 2016.

Click here for more detailed information and a copy of the registration form

Click here to visit the Arkansas Co-Teaching website


For more information, please contact:

Rose Merry Kirkpatrick

Educational Consultant, Arkansas Special Education Resource Consultants (AR-SERC)

Ph: (501) 319-7333