v1.0 - Apr 2010
ARMAC Participant Post-Test

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Please answer the following questions.

1. What is Medicaid?

2. Medicaid serves individuals with low incomes and severe disabilities?

3. Which of following is a type of Medicaid coverage?

4. Which of the following services is NOT a School-Based Medicaid Program?

5. Arkansas Medicaid Administrative Claiming (ARMAC) allows public education agencies the opportunity to receive federal reimbursement for what activities? What is the purpose of the random moment time inquiry?

6. How often do participants in the ARMAC program have to be re-trained?

7. As a participant in the ARMAC time study, you may receive one or more moments by email per quarter. What is the purpose of the random moment time inquiry?

8. Why would a participant have a moment email rejected?

9. Why is it required to have a verified email address in the ARMAC System?

10. Once you have answered your random moment, what is the final step to complete your portion of the time study?

* Trained participants will not be added to the ARMAC roster unless salary and other cost is given *

*- Required Field