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Core Training Modules

The Core training is comprised of three (3) modules, and is REQUIRED before taking the remaining modules. Each module is designed to be six (6) hours in length. At the completion of the Core training, paraprofessionals will receive 18 hours of professional development.

Foundations of Special Education Training (2010) - (6 hours)

Explains, discusses and defines the roles and responsibilities of the teacher and paraprofessional. Discusses the legal, ethical and professional standards for paraprofessionals as a member of the student's IEP team. Provided strategies for instructional techniques.

Behavior Training - (6 hours)

Presents various research based around the issues of behavior and students in the classroom.

Special Health Care Training (2010) - (6 hours)

A Registered Nurse is required to provide this training. Addresses issues on how to ensure safe and effective services for students with special health care needs and the role of the paraprofessional in providing those services.

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