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Additional Training Modules

The paraprofessional training modules outlined below can be completed in any order once the prerequisites requirements are meet.

Cultural Awareness / English Language Learners (ELL) Training - (6 hours)

Discusses the diversity addressed in our society and schools today. Provides awareness of the many factors that affect learning for students with disabilities that have English as a second language.

Early Childhood Training - (6 hours)

Addresses specific characteristics and traits of infants, toddlers and young children from ages 0-5 to include behavior and instructional techniques.

Literacy Training - (6 hours)

The goals of this module are to gain an awareness and understanding of Arkansas initiatives; to understand the role of the five essential elements of literacy; to understand how to apply systematic and direct practice to assist students in acquiring literacy skills; and how to apply instructional techniques and content that will reinforce effective reading instruction.

Low Incidence Training - (6 hours)

Discusses low incidence disabilities; hearing impairments, vision impairments, deafblindness. Explains characteristics, accommodations, and strategies for teaching students with low incidence disabilities.

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