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Monitoring Resources

New EDR/EPC Forms Required on 01/01/2016

Districts currently have the option to use these evaluation forms but will be required to use them beginning January 1, 2016

Standards Based IEPs

IEPs developed on or after April 1, 2013 are required to be in standards-based format. Prior to that date districts had the option of using the new standards-based forms when developing IEPs.

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New Forms Required on 10/01/2013

The following forms will be required beginning October 1, 2013:

Training Resources on New Forms

Questions and Answers
Prior Written Notice of Action Q & A
Notice of Conference Q & A

PowerPoint Presentations
Prior Written Notice of Action & Notice of Conference(03/18/2014)
Arkansas Association of Special Education Administrators (06/24/2014)

Prior Written Notice of Action & Notice of Conference(03/18/2014)

Prior Written Notice Examples *New
Click here to see examples

Notice of Conference Flowcharts
Notice of Conference Flowchart A
Notice of Conference Flowchart B

Additional training resources coming soon...

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